In order to be successful at any endeavor, one has to identify the essentials required to accomplish that feat. It's the same in customer service. What essentials are required to create great customer experiences which lead to maximum customer retention? I'll give you six characteristics that I feel are key ingredients. Reliability - Customers expect product/service providers to be dependable and accurate during interactions. Take your home electricity - as long as you pay the bill you expect the lights to come on when you flip that switch. Do customers consider your organization to be reliable? Are you rated high for dependability? Can your customers trust that you will do what you say you will do? These are key factors to providing a great customer experience. Competence - This characteristic measures knowledge and skill level in regards to one's product/services. If you surveyed your customer, what would they say about the level of competency exhibited by those within your organization? Internet access allows today's customer to gain knowledge about yours and your competitor's organization. Once the interaction begins, will your customer know more about your products/services than front line personnel and others within your organization? Make sure that everyone within your organization is a product/service expert in order to receive a high rating for competency.