• About Standard Online Help Desk

    About Standard Online Help Desk

    October 12, 2016,IN Business, Technology

    The best way to manage the company’s help desk is to run it online. Using such a platform, you will be able to master all client requests all together, no matter where they came from. As we know, enquiries from buyers may be received via phone, e-mail, chat, social networking sites, as well as soc [...]

  • Technology 101 For The Elderly

    Technology 101 For The Elderly

    October 6, 2016,IN Family & Personal, Technology

    The fast-paced developments in technology may seem daunting to the elderly. At this day and age, interactions with technology are not only inevitable but can prove to be beneficial for the elderly too. Skills vary from navigating a mouse to learning how to manipulate a tablet, to surfing the interne [...]